Common Behaviors Of Dogs

Dogs are so loving and affectionate and are your best companion. I personally love dogs and do anything for the well being of my pet. Before you decide to keep a pet, understand the basics of dogs in terms of its behavior. It helps you to take care of your pet in a better way, especially if it’s your first time. After all, communication starts with understanding. To build a good relationship with your pet, start understanding the root cause of some of the common behaviors of dogs. Some of the common behaviors of dogs and what they actually mean have been well explained in brief below.


Dogs are the sweetest animals on this planet and when they sweat, they use the pads on their feet. The body heat of dogs is expelled from their mouth and that’s when they begin to pant. The body temperature of the dog is regulated in this manner. In most circumstances, dogs pant to resist pain.


Barking is one of the important means of communication for dogs. They bark mostly to notify the initial signs of danger or to intimate about someone’s arrival. Dogs bark when they are bored, confused, and afraid of something and when hungry. Barking is the only means of communication for canines. Therefore, it’s good to understand their behavior as a pet owner to make them comfortable at all times.


Like a child, dogs also chew different objects like toys to find some relief from pain due to a new set of teeth. You may also find some dogs chewing the cushion covers, doormats or shoes. They don’t enjoy the taste if you are thinking so, but they could be doing it out of anxiety.


This is an instinctual behavior and one can see it mostly in terrier breeds. Dogs dig either to uncover food or hide food such as rodents and more. It also provides shelter to dogs as they dig a particular spot. This is yet another common behavior seen in dogs.

Jumping up and biting

Jumping up often seems like a play or a greeting. It is a sign that your pet is trying to show her dominance over you. If you encourage this behavior, you certainly reinforce the dog to dominate you. So find ways to deal with your pet when it shows its jumping up behavior. Dog bites definitely communicate the current state of mind of dogs. It can be a reaction due to fear, aggression or nervousness. In certain ways, dog biting can be prevented. If you are unable to stop some of the behaviors of your dog seek help from professional pet care.  When you understand these behaviors well enough, you will be well equipped to understand the needs of your dog.

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