New To Pet Grooming? Know What To Do

When you get a puppy home it is like a bundle of joy at your place. However, you might be worried about knowing how to take care of it as new puppies are untrained, active animals that might be hard to hold down when you are grooming them or knowing how to start training them.

When you have a new puppy that is 6 months old and you are doing it for the first time, it would be a difficult feat to achieve. A puppy that is 12 weeks old would be easier to manage. This is because a 6-month-old puppy has already established its aggression and fears. It is like getting a 5-year-old to kindergarten where he needs to sit still and be obedient to the teacher. It is much easier to teach kids who are two or three years old. Grooming a puppy at the beginning is best to be done with the help of a pet groomer. He or she has experience handling pets and would be able to gain the confidence of your pup. When you join in to give them a bath, brush and comb their coat as well as learn how to trim their nails, they also learn to trust you. This would make subsequent sessions easier.

It is essential to have puppies become used to being groomed by their owner. They will then enjoy the experience as their groomers will as well. It is to be remembered that fur of different dogs requires grooming in different ways. If you are about to learn about grooming your pup, you need to seek guidance from a groomer as to the tools you need to keep handy for looking after your puppy’s coat. The puppy coat gains adult coat when they are six months old. Coats of certain breeds at the puppy stage do not shed and become tangled if they are not brushed out regularly. If you are unsure of what stage of life your puppy is at, ask your groomer to be certain and it would help to make the transition a comfortable one for you and your pet.

There are convenient grooming services available at your doorstep in most major cities and neighborhoods. You can even book appointments online and have an expert groomer at your doorstep to offer you pet care and advice. Many also have grooming tools for sale.

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