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Pet Care Products

Nurturing and caring for a pet dog is one of the most popular preoccupations in America today. Most pet owners, also known as pet parents, profusely indulge in caring for their pets’ welfare and wellbeing. Most pet parents generally fill their pet dogs with love and attention in the same manner that parents would suffuse their child with love and affection. Likewise, pet parents usually shower their pet dogs and puppies with the best pet toys and foods available in the market. Moreover, most pet owners supply their pets with all the branded miscellaneous items such as popular dog soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other pet care products. Additionally, for sanitary purposes, the pet parents also need to acquire the necessary products used in wiping off dog’s poop and pee.

Today, several manufacturers advertise their products as eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. This is because of the growing awareness by most people of the harm done by non-biodegradable plastic products to Mother Nature. Likewise, people have also become aware of the effects of toxic pollutants like lead, mercury and other poisonous elements on ground waters. This growing awareness has definitely led people into buying only eco-friendly products.

In Choosing Poop Bags
Choosing the right products from several brands can be quite confusing for pet parents, for a wrong choice would definitely be a waste of time and money. Hence, when buying a product like a dog poop bag for the first time, you need to read the ads and reviews on the products to get the basic idea of what could be the best dog poop bags available in the market today. Here are some helpful tips and knowledge when choosing poop bags:

• First, most poop bag brands advertise their products as eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic bags that readily dissolve in the presence of oxygen. Likewise, most brands claim to have passed certain international monitoring standards. Others may claim that the materials used in their products are from naturally occurring, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) plants. Other brands may likewise claim that their products are from some sorts of bio-plastic or water-soluble synthetic polymers. Other brands may not be biodegradable, but made from renewable resource materials, thus, eco-friendly. Additionally, most poop bags’ manufacturers claim that their biodegradable material can readily dissolve within 24 months. Hence, you should ensure that what you buy is eco-friendly.

• It should be pleasant to one’s sight and smell. Most of these eco-friendly poop bags are green or may appear to be greenish color to accentuate the knowledge that the materials are eco-friendly and green. Likewise, eco poop bags should have a pleasant scent to mask the repulsive smell of poops. Moreover, the bags should use opaque colors to hide and obscure its content.

• It should also have varying sizes. As pet dogs differ in sizes, poop bags also come in various sizes.

• It has to be workable and functional. Every manufacturer has its own way of designing a product for marketing. Poop bags should be readily usable using bare hands without needing gloves and any other tools.

• It should also be affordable. Poop bags’ prices vary widely from under t$ 10.00 to a little less than $47.00. This discrepancy is due to the cost of research and development, raw materials, and manufacturing process involved.

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