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Trash Cans and Your Dog

All dogs seem to be attracted to trash cans and it is often the discarded food in the trash cans that account for that but, also in that trash can are also containers that may have held out lived medications, bleaches and even poisons. Although the discarded food may harm your dog’s health as it is probably already spoiled when thrown away, the residue of contents in the containers certainly will. To avoid your dog from getting sick or even dying due to its tampering with the garbage, many people resort to buying a dog proof trash can. Today a top dog proof trash can may not only impede a dog from getting into the trash, it may also eliminate any smells coming from the trash, attracting the dog. Many of the modern dog proof trash cans have filters, made from charcoal or other odour eating substances and this eliminates the temptation from the dog. Although the best dog proof trash cans may be found in stores, they can certainly be found online or if you are one for DIY, perhaps you can make one yourself.

It isn’t only the trash can that can cause some dog owners concern, some owners that also own cats have similar inconveniences with their cat litters. As well as trash cans, some dogs like to mess with cat litters and that can also be hazardous to their health as well as being somewhat of a mess. What some cat owners do in these instances is make dog ‘no go’ areas where they keep the cat litter. Although an easy place to keep the cat litter so that it is out of reach of dogs is on a counter top or shelf, that isn’t always possible and in these cases some cat owners have resorted to placing baby gates on the entrance to cupboards or rooms and keep the cat litter in there however, this only works if the cat is far smaller than the dog.

It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend and many people, especially dog owners, would agree with that. It is therefore important to take care of their friend which means training them for their own good. In order to train a dog though, it usually requires catching the dog doing something it shouldn’t and then making it know it did wrong. As a dog will usually only dig into the garbage when its owner is away, it is difficult to train them that messing with the garbage is bad. A no go area or a dog proof trash can are necessary for dogs that have not been properly trained but most dog owners do not own them. If a dog proof trash can is not available at a local pet store or hardware store, there are many different ones available online or they can even be made at home but whichever one a dog owner chooses, they will know that their dog’s health should be better because of it.

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